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Welcome to Pebble, the first watch designed for the 21st Century. Pebble is the first wrist watch designed to work with iPhones and Android Smartphones. With Pebble, you be able will interact with your smartphones using a variety of Apps. Some Apps already designed for Pebble include ideas for runners & cyclists, as well as everyday activities in mind. You will be able to control music, text messages, & see caller id all from your wrist.
Pebble E-paper has an ordinary looks of a wrist watch, but it has an extraordinary functionality and watchfaces where you can customize its look to your liking. Shatter resistant, lightweight and available in 4 colors, Pebble also possesses an advanced outdoor readable digital display.  In order to secure a first generation Pebble, pledge the appropriate amount on Kickstart and help see this amazing project come to life.

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