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This week our fearless leader, Maria, will be returning to her alma mater to offer some of the wisdom she’s gained since graduating.  In anticipation of this event, we felt it only fair to offer you all the first glimpse at what she’ll be discussing.  So today we’re putting her in the hot seat and sharing this informal little interview…

Q: What is the best thing students can do for their future careers while still in school?
A:  Networking!  Not only with professors but also non-profits. Do things that will broaden your knowledge like taking non-required classes.  Take time to map out your goals and then seek opportunities to meet them.  Lastly, pay attention to details; I remember a quote you’ve probably heard before “the devil’s in the details” and it’s so true, that’s where you inevitably get in trouble.
Q:  What’s the best advice you can offer for landing that first design job?
A:  Develop people skills, stay current and watch the news, be creative and ALWAYS think outside the box. Embrace technology and don’t hide from new things, take initiative and make others feel smart.
Q:  What are the most important things you’ve learned from your business experience so far?
A:  No one cares what YOU think—you have to educate clients on the options and allow them to be the ultimate decision-maker; even if it’s a great idea, it’s more important to them that they thought of it.  Finally, remember that something you do today may not pay off until years down the road—in other words don’t rule something out simply because it lacks immediate payout, you never know what opportunity will come from what!

Great info!  We know she’ll do fabulous 🙂
(For more from her presentation check back soon!)

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