Introducing Everloop and our ADD Society

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The new social network? Tween-friendly Everloop.

Parents and Schools are already on board, authorizing its use in the classroom and the submission of their child’s information in accordance with their approval.

Now I love this “little thing” called social media as much as the next guy but have to wonder, should we really be giving 8 year olds one more reason to stay stuck inside glued to the computer??
With our own growing lack of attention skills due to “always on” attitudes fueled by our Smart phones, incessant emailing, texting, facebooking, tweeting, etc. I’m not sure encouraging these distractions in Tweens is the best idea.

Call me old fashioned but when I was in elementary school the closest thing to “Facebook” was flipping through your yearbook [coincidentally where FB got its inspiration] and calling up friends for the latest gossip.

Granted, we spent a fair amount of time on computer games like Oregon Trail or SimCity [Yes this was long before its evolution into the creepy “Sims” game]. We also wasted plenty of hours on AIM and begged our parents for “Two-Ways”… [AOL’s portable instant messenger– obviously pre-texting we thought this was LEGIT]. But that’s not quite the same as an all-encompassing social network. We still logged plenty of hours out on the soccer fields or at each other’s houses. Our friendships weren’t found only online.
That’s where my real concern lies. [and thus the reason for this rant]
Are we becoming a society SO into “being social” that we’re actually failing to have true social encounters? Think about it.
When you’re out with friends what happens the moment it goes quiet? Everyone pulls out their phones. I routinely have to remind myself to put away the phone when in the presence of “real” people. It’s not only distracting from us having a true conversation, it’s also rude. But I’m compelled to check that email/text/tweet. For some reason it seems imperative that I stay updated.
That’s exactly what I don’t want the next generation to become.

There’s nothing wrong with social media in and of itself, it’s incredibly useful for real-time updates [The political situation in Egypt being the most recent example], keeping up with friends who are across the country or the world and an incredible wealth of industry specific information.

Becoming reliant on this media stream as your constant companion, choosing it over the company of friends and family members sitting right next to you is unacceptable.
What do you think? Are we hooked on social media? Is it possible to spend an entire day “disconnected”?
I’d love to hear your take in the comments.

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