Making the Most of Your Resolutions

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Let’s face it, every year we all start off ambitious and motivated to make grand resolutions that we are honestly determined to keep. We are all going to lose weight, stop our bad habits, make more money and travel the world. However, how often do we actually fulfill our resolutions?  I usually give up on mine by March.
This year I encourage you to take a different approach. Consider turning your “New Year’s resolutions” into “life goals” instead. Rather than making broad statements such as “I’m going to travel more” or “I’m going to get into shape,” make realistic statements that are achievable! Set a definite time line with a deadline in which to achieve your goal. Write your resolutions down and post them somewhere that will allow you to focus on them each day.  Most importantly, make sure to schedule time in your calendar to work on them.
If your resolution is a long term goal, journal your progress each day or week. This way, you can reflect on how much you’ve achieved as you grow closer to your set deadline.
Finally, enlist the help of friends and professionals to meet these goals. If your goal is to lose 10lbs, enlist the assistance of a personal trainer.  If you want to relax more, schedule a weekly appointment with a massage therapist. Take a class, redecorate your living space, or get InFluenced by things going on around you. Make your goals count in 2012!
We here at The MOD Studio wish you a successful year!

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