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Well, it is official- I am finally an adult because I made my first trip to Vegas. And though most everything that happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas, I thought I might share some of the PG photos I took on my trip as well as give some recommendations on what to do if you find yourself in the sin city.
I did the touristy thing when I first got there, which included walking around taking a ton of photos and hitting up all the cheesy sights. But what makes it more fun is the fact that you can literally walk around anywhere with an adult beverage in your hand. Beverage + Shops + a little money I won playing Craps= there goes all the money won playing Craps…
But here are a couple things I did when visiting that I would highly recommend:

1. The Lion Exhibit at the MGM Grand
2. The fountains at The Bellagio
3. Gambling at O’Sheas- I am telling you, this hole in the wall casino put a good chunk of change in my pocket with a very minimal buy in.
4. Nobu at Caesar’s for sushi. Seriously, best sushi EVER.
5. Ghost Bar at the Palms- The glass floor balcony make this a total must see. Plus it has an amazing view of all of Las Vegas.
6. Cirque Du Soleil’s LOVE at The Mirage. Probably my favorite Cirque shows ever and not just because I love The Beatles.
7. Shopping at The Forum in Caesar’s Palace. The 3 story H&M store was seriously MY FAVORITE part about Vegas. I wanted to live in it.

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