Photography Matters

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I seriously can’t get enough of these photographs by Andrew B. Myers. The lighting, composition and subject are just perfect. I had a hard time comprehending that some of these were even photographs and deciding which ones to post.andrewbmyers_010104
And in light of this amazing photography I’ve decided to touch on something that I think everyone should know- designer or client. PHOTOGRAPHY MATTERS. As a designer, there are countless times when I use stock photography or photos that have been provided to me. Not to say that all these are bad, but I think there is something so unique, something so “stop you in your tracks” fantastic about a good photograph. And mix that with the perfect design and you no longer have a good campaign, you have a GREAT campaign. It is pretty simple really, a marriage of a gorgeous photo and stunning typography, make for one heck of a beautiful design baby (and a incredibly successful campaign).

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