The Language of Flowers

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As Saint Valentine’s Day is less than a month away, it is a good time to start thinking about sending flowers. An eternal symbol of affection, throughout history flowers have always held specific meanings based on the given type. The “Language of Flowers” came about in the Victorian Era, when men and women were not allowed to show open displays of emotion. Suitors used this code to send messages which were based on the types of flower used in a bouquet. This type of communication is fortunately a thing of the past, but a few ideals still remain. Such as: red-roses-photo
Red Roses for True Love, White-Roses-3
White Roses for Purity or Eternal Love, 86433d1320999651-pink-roses-pink-roses-image
and Pink Roses for Desire. Carnation_flower_photo_Vol_091_DT039a
Another popular Valentine’s flower, Carnations also symbolize Love and Devotion; tulip_bouquet
as do Tulips, forget-me-not-flower-2
and Forget-Me-Not’s.
Even though it is a lost art, The Language of Flowers is a beautiful way to show affection, love, desire and friendship in the most beautiful and subtle of ways. Be sure to contact a favorite florist, such as The Mandarin Flower Company, in time for Valentine’s Day!

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