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Our family is growing here at The Mod Studio! Allow us to formally introduce to you our newest team member, Orlando Villarreal. Orlando loves all things technology, which shows in his natural flair for web development. Get to know a little more about our favorite quirky web guy, Orlando.
1. What made you decide to pursue web development as a career?
This was a pretty natural choice for me to make. I became a web developer because I honestly just love the web. Web development is something that has always been easy for me and something I’m genuinely interested in so I naturally gravitated towards that as a career choice.
2. If you could choose any other profession what would it be?
Ever since I got my first Nintendo as a kid, I’ve been a total gamer. I think if I had to choose a different career, I would love to work as a freelance gaming journalist. It’d be great to get to travel and work between all the great gaming companies out there.
3. What do you like to do when you get some free time?
Well if I’m not scouring Austin for delicious places to eat, you’ll find me gaming. I’m actually a professional gamer so I compete in contests all over. I also write for a gaming website I helped create.
4. What are 3 Random facts about yourself?

  • I’m training to hike el Camino de Santiago in Spain
  • I prefer reading books on a tablet rather than paper
  • I’ve seen every episode of Sex & The City

5. Are you a Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda?
Don’t ask me that question…plus I’m totally Steve.

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