Data, Data, Data: The Key to B2B Lifecycle Marketing

By MODintelechy / Data + Analytics, Marketing, Technology

Customers want consistency. That doesn’t mean the same content over and over (and over)—it means a consistent effort to understand their needs and deliver relevant value over time. Think of it less as a short-term transaction, and more a long-term relationship. As the digital world becomes noisier, brands that feel familiar are able to cut…

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Growth Gatherings: Kicking Off Our Fireside Chat Series

By MODintelechy / Leadership Roundtable

At MODintelechy, we understand the transformative power of absorbing knowledge from others. It’s one of the tenants of our offer—ensuring our clients are empowered with frameworks, strategies, and solutions beyond the walls of our partnership. Then we thought, “How can we do more of this?” In late February, we did just that—inviting some of our…

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Agency Group Thread: What Does a Cookieless Future Mean to You?

By MODintelechy / Leadership Roundtable, Strategy, Technology

Digital marketers have been feasting on third-party cookies for many, many years. And the cookie jar was bottomless—nourishing campaign frameworks, business models, and the entire internet ecosystem. But what happens when those cookies go away? Well, that’s what the Agency Group Thread is for. Dig in (or scroll down) for a little glimpse into their…

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Agency Group Thread: What Does Digital Transformation Mean to You?

By MODintelechy / Leadership Roundtable, Strategy, Technology

We hear a lot about “digital transformation” in our industry. Removing friction from buying experiences, implementing customer-centric technologies, embracing a more digital-first approach—but no two transformation efforts look the same. And the same goes for what digital transformation means. It’s a mindset shift, technology puzzle, and business model makeover all in one. So, with that in mind, we asked some members…

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The Hidden Value Of Creative: How To Pitch Where Others Pass

By MODintelechy / Blog, Design, Marketing, Strategy

Every creative agency wants to work on the next eye-catching, brake-slamming billboard. Wait, let me try that again—every creative agency wants to work on the next eye-catching, thumb-stopping Instagram ad. Either way, our understanding of creative services tends to be boxed into one line of thinking. From marketing collateral and social assets to rebranded websites…

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When It Comes To Brand Presence, Take Your Own Advice

By MODintelechy / Design, Marketing

As marketers, we know the importance of having a strong brand presence—to stand out from the competition, get recognized by customers and reinforce your mission. It’s something that we tell our clients on a daily basis. But as agencies try to sell robust brand and content strategies to their clients, when’s the last time they…

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Tips For Building Culture In A Hybrid Workplace

By MODintelechy / Agency Culture, Strategy

A few months ago, I surprised myself. After promoting one of our strongest employees to a senior account director position, I reflected back on her experience—she was hired over the phone during the pandemic, didn’t meet her direct manager in person for six months and has been fully remote ever since. It answered some questions…

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MODintelechy Joins TSIA as a Consulting Alliance Partner

By MODintelechy / Agency Culture, Sales Enablement, Technology

MODintelechy, a data-driven agency specializing in digital customer experiences, is pleased to announce that it has joined the Technology & Services Industry Association (TSIA) as a Consulting Alliance Partner in their Customer Growth and Renewal Practice. The Customer Growth and Renewal research practice focuses on company revenue growth and provides association members with industry-validated research…

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Maria Orozova Joins Forbes Agency Council

By MODintelechy / Agency Culture, Marketing

Maria Orozova, Co-Founder of data-driven marketing firm, MODintelechy, has been accepted into Forbes Agency Council, an invitation-only community for owners of and executives in successful public relations, media strategy, creative, and advertising agencies. Maria was vetted and selected by a review committee based on the depth and diversity of her experience. Criteria for acceptance include…

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