What’s in a Name?

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Your brand’s name is the first thing your audience learns about your business, so it is imperative that it leaves a lasting impression. Unfortunately, choosing a name that both captures the essence of your company and differentiates it from competitors is easier said than done. If you are starting the process of establishing your brand’s identity {or your current one needs a shake up}, consider these naming tips.
Round Up Your #Squad
Even if your company is just a one-person shop, forming a brain trust to bounce ideas off of will help you achieve the best results. If possible, include people of varying levels of leadership, different departments and diverse backgrounds – even seeking advice from someone outside of your company can help you gain a fresh perspective. However, be advised that too many opinions can turn counterproductive quickly. {Say Yes to the Dress, anyone?}
Survey Says…
Knowing where to start is always the most overwhelming part of any creative process. I’ve found putting together a questionnaire for members of your brain trust to fill out helps get ideas flowing and often reveals directions that otherwise would have never been explored. Prompts can be as simple as “What words describe your company and its culture?” or as obscure as “What is the first thing you do in the morning?” Get creative and remember: No question isn’t worth asking.
{Tip: When answering questions, don’t overthink it! This exercise yields the best results when surveyees respond to the questions organically and avoid framing their answers. Give your brain a break and let your answers come naturally!}
Clarity is Key
A few common practices when naming a business is exploring words in other languages, changing the spelling of a word and combining several words to create a new one. These tips often produce successful results {this is how Samsung and Accenture came to be!}, but keep in mind that it is difficult for your brand’s name to resonate with your audience if they can’t even pronounce it. Keep it simple, and remember that how your business’ name sounds out loud is as important as it looks on paper.
Early Research Prevents Heartbreak
A mistake I see people make all too often is forgetting to do a search for available URLs until they’ve already gotten attached to one name. Your URL should be something your audience doesn’t have to think twice about typing, so settling for an obscure URL may be costly. You may also want to consider trademarking your business, depending on how big you want to build your brand. {MOD’s advice: Always dream big!} My go-to trademark research sites are USPTO, Trademarkia and this handy little search engine they call Google.
Now it’s your turn! With these tips, you and your team should be able to find the name that perfectly encapsulates your brand and catapults your business toward its goals. And if you get stuck, don’t fret. MOD’s team of creative masterminds has your back.

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