3 Steps to Killer Design.

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Inspired by Penguin Books cover designer Coralie Bickford-Smith‘s “motivational” poster [yes we know there’s no picture here…don’t worry, keep reading on and you’ll see it soon ;)], we thought we’d talk about three ways to ensure you’re developing phenomenal designs.
To create something meaningful, keep in mind 3 BIG ideas.

  1. Have a Plan
  2. Look for Inspiration
  3. Stay Curious

The Plan: Map out what you hope to accomplish with the design.  Where will it then be placed?  Do you know what specs need to be met? What thematic elements need to be applied to the design?  Is there a color scheme to keep in mind?
Look for Inspiration: The client wants say a “vintage garden party” feel.  What the heck is that?  Do some research, find out what images are iconic with this particular “style,” check them with the client to be certain you’re on the right path.  Then you’ll have a better understanding and you can start scanning the world around you for little details or patterns that will guide your design.
Stay Curious: Never settle on one single look during the process.  Think of different ways the same idea could be approached and create multiple versions, think of this as visual brainstorming.
And after you’ve followed these steps, you should also know when to kill your design.
Yes, it’s important to you. It’s special.  It didn’t exist before you brought it into the world.  But that should never stop you from pulling the plug when it doesn’t meet its purpose.  It could be the best piece you’ve ever developed, but if it doesn’t effectively accomplish the client’s goals it’s time to…

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