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With summer finally starting to chill out a bit (or did we just dream that it was in the 80s last week??) people are starting to come out of hibernation.  Is it odd that in the south we hibernate through the heat not the cold?
Anyway, with this influx of people out around town, we figured it was time to throw some musical tools your way.
If you’re looking for some Austin e-zines here are two you need to check out
Sound Check Magazine
Red River Noise
Or maybe that feels too “commercial” to you and you’d like the bloggers perspective? A few places to browse
Ultra 8201
Corner Music
And to top it off a comprehensive list of shows happening at a week glance
Showlist Austin
*Worth mentioning (aka disclaimer): We love music, we love Austin, these are some music sites we visit often, which is why we recommended them.  These are definitely not the ONLY places to go so don’t be upset we didn’t mention your faves, instead suggest them and share the love 😉

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