Lookin’ Good in that Water

By / Agency Culture, Design

What in the world are we talking about?
Something that you use every day (or if you don’t, you really should)
Its main purpose is to prevent water damage
But it also serves as part of your décor
And catches a lot of soap.
Do you know what it is yet??
No, it’s not one of the scrubbing bubbles cartoon characters
Or your pet duck
(why would you be putting soap on a duck anyway? Yeah, we don’t know either)
Seriously though, the answer to today’s riddle is…
Eco-friendly shower curtains!

We recently had the opportunity to create a logo and curtain patterns for Rock Candy Life,
A company with an awesome vision for keepin it green.
Their product strategy?
Affordable, attractive, earth-friendly design.
Say what?
That’s right, their products are recyclable and don’t emit ‘off-gasses.’
Because they believe that:

High-end design and eco-friendly products can co-exist. Our shower curtains are 100% recyclable, chlorine and PVC-free. By eliminating the need for a liner, you decrease waste as well.

This dedication to “clean” design made working with Rock Candy such a fun project and we want everyone to see their great products (and yes, we admit we’re quite proud of the patterns we developed for them too 😉 )
See their products here:Rock Candy Life

Written by / Agency Culture, Design


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