The Power of FREE

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$9.99 a month,
and you’re not even going to give me live streaming??
and it will feature shows from only 3 of the major networks??
why yes, I’d love that, sign me up!
With Hulu’s announcement of Hulu Plus on Tuesday, a year’s worth of rumors and speculation are finally put to rest.
Yes, Hulu now has a subscription-based viewing service, but will continue to offer some shoes for free.
Currently the Plus package doesn’t seem like that great of a deal with so few benefits,
but all ideas have their small beginnings,
so you can bet the service will continue to grow until it becomes not just worthwhile but unheard of NOT to have.
and this brings us back to a two-year-old article from Wired that STILL remains relevant…
and discover the power of free
[brightcove vid=1813637601&exp3=1813626064&surl=]
Freeconomics is all about giving a product away for free in order to build a following, then allowing that following to remain where they are
OR to upgrade.  It’s called a “freemium” model.
And that is exactly what Hulu has done an excellent job of, they got you hooked for free, and now they want to offer you the “upgraded” viewing experience and start making some easy money from you…

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