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200_article43535Working in advertising and marketing, I always pay attention to how well a company’s advertisement is designed. I listen to radio advertisements, scan magazine and newspaper ads, and pay attention to the quirkier commercials on television. Every day on my commute up and down Lamar Boulevard, I pass a few billboards that always catch my eye. Two in particular stood out today.
The first one I won’t mention by company name simply because the lack of design is embarrassing! It’s literally a box with the company logo in the middle and a website address. Boring and uninspiring. This lack of creativity does not motivate me to buy their product. To me, it conjures images of an inferior product, something totalitarian and just blah.
Billboard number two was totally the opposite.
Skeletons! Battle! Dia de los Muertos and a giant chicken! Oh my God, what is this product?! I need to Google it right away! Which I did!  I was rewarded with this awesome story of the Mexican Revolution. And the chicken has even has a name-  it’s Ramon. I totally want this tequila! I don’t even like tequila, but I want this one. !Viva la Revolucion!
Okay, so maybe that was on the dramatic side, but that is the power of design. It can either inspire or discourage a consumer to research your company. It can create desire for your product and services or completely turn them away.
When choosing marketing materials for your company, it is important to work with a design company that can create a message that will drive business toward your company and clearly communicate your vision.
!Viva the power of design!

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