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After enormous growth in 2010, social media platforms have earned their place as a beneficial addition to the marketing mix.

But with all the emphasis on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as the social leaders, there’s one vehicle companies seem to be overlooking: The Blog.

Blogging offers the ability to build an international network that follows and engages with your brand.  It also offers a unique traffic source for your website.
{Thanks to Lionel for insights on this topic.}
Blogs are great at:

  • Drawing new/unique visits to your website
  • Optimizing search results
    • Using natural keywords for your business or industry throughout your blog allows for greater traffic flow
    • Using niche keywords will allow you to climb the search ranks and attract interested viewers (for example instead of a boutique using the keyword “purses” they could use the phrase “fabric embroidered purses in Austin”
  • Real-time results
    • Blogs that use Google or WordPress platforms are often rapidly indexed—that means your posts are found almost immediately after they’re published
  • Raising your Quality Score
    • Search engines rank websites on what’s called a quality score.  This score is determined by the amount of unique content on a site.  This means if you’re blogging even just a couple times per week, you’re putting out a great deal of content that helps boost your score.

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