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New year, new you.  Every January this mantra takes over with full force.  You make resolutions for yourself like more gym time, & eating better but have you ever considered making them for your business? 2011 can be the year to start.  Prevent the slow decay of your will power with our clear, achievable marketing resolutions for your company.
1. Have a Plan
Building yourself guidelines to follow will make it a breeze to stick to your resolutions.  Get the team together for a strategy session and outline your business marketing plan for 2011.  Each idea should have an objective, action steps and analytic measures.
2. Be a Know-It-All
One of the best ways to engage your current audience and build a niche network of new followers is blogging.  Don’t just dive in, outline your goals for this vehicle- Where should the blog be hosted? Who do you want to reach? What topics should be covered? Can you measure its traffic flow?
3. Talk to Strangers
If you haven’t already, you MUST get in to social media.  2010 proved it was more than another buzz word, it’s a necessary and beneficial addition to your marketing strategy.  {Keeping in mind, this should never be your SOLE outlet for marketing the brand}. Stay updated with MOD on Twitter and Facebook.
4. Clean Up Your Act
What does your brand project? Do you have clear brand positioning including a cohesive design between your logo, collateral material and web presence? If not, it’s time to get it together.  Have a consultation on your image and be willing to rebrand to establish more clarity and consistency.
5. Get Crazy
Consider non-traditional avenues for reaching your target.  Do you need to have a YouTube, Vimeo or other video channel to offer advice or tutorials from your company?  Should you put together an event to reach media outlets?  Pair up with community organizations for a project to aide your PR efforts?  Don’t be afraid of creativity in marketing, embrace it.

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