Branding: Laying the foundation

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Anyone in advertising will tell you that a strong brand image is far more important than a strong product.  (hopefully you have both, but there’s unfortunately often more emphasis placed on the brand’s image than the product’s)
That’s why developing and building a brand is such an arduous task sometimes.  And building that brand equity can take years of continual efforts to re-inforce a certain aura around your brand.
This means what you do in the beginning is incredibly important.  A logo, something so simple yet so influential.  This building block will set the tone and feel of the brand long before consumers even engage with the product or service itself.  Next, you develop the “branding” what will all your messaging/packaging look like? What elements should remain consistent throughout?
These are the tough questions we have to answer every day.
And we recently had the opportunity to answer them for a unique client: Dave Manzer Creative Relations.  He’s not just your average “PR guy” he thinks in an entirely different way about promoting your business.  We had a blast helping him develop the basics of his new firm and we want to share the results with you!

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