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When thinking about “what comes next” in a company’s marketing mix, one of the most overlooked marketing initiatives is an event. It’s true. Many tend to disregard an event’s ability to be an appropriate tool for engaging their target market. That’s why we want to encourage you to take a second look and supplement your current efforts with this useful (and fun) addition. We’ve compiled the most important elements to get you started with our 3 Key Stages for Effective Event Marketing list below:
1. Get Branded.
The Little Details: Everything about the event should be seamless. Take advantage of this opportunity establish your company brand in the minds of your target audience. Wow them with your impeccable attention to important details all while maintaining a cohesive brand presentation throughout.

  • Design a killer invite that gets people interested
  • Create a branded registration site to supplement RSVPs
  • Use appropriate social channels to get guests excited about attending (think Twitter or Facebook- places that make it easy to pass on info and build hype)
  • Invest in vendors that help you not only achieve the ideal atmosphere but also document it as well [think layout, refreshments, floral, décor, photography]

The Guest List: Some would say this is the most dreaded task of an event. Who should be invited? Be meticulous in compiling a list that will include both potential clients and current, satisfied clients. This combination of guests will allow for mingling of prospects with happy customers who can be your “walking testimonials.” This is the perfect scenario to discuss how your services could benefit the prospect without any pressure—it’s a ‘party’ not a sales pitch 😉
2. Network, Network, Network!
Build Bridges: It’s imperative to build connections that will benefit your business and introduce people at the event to help them network with other professionals. For instance, one of your guests may be in need of a killer PR firm and it just so happens you invited yours to the event; and now you can score some points by introducing them. See how this can benefit everyone involved? Build those bridges!
The Swag: This is one reason some guests bother showing up for an event. Use this opportunity to send your guests home with a classy and useful reminder to give you a call. Develop something that relates to the event and that’s worth showing off. For example, at our MODpaper Party, guests grabbed handfuls of our custom-designed notecards to pass on to friends, coworkers or even stockpile themselves!
3. Keep in Touch
Be Social: This post-event time is most crucial for you to actively engage prospects. It’s an excuse to touch base with everyone who attended and schedule a meet-up with those who did not. It’s also an opportunity to show your “VIP” guests some more love by sending them a personalized thank you. You can also continue the connection-building you did at the event by utilizing social channels:

  • Encourage sharing by posting photos of the event on your social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Make your event the place to “see and be seen” by submitting photos to publications

What’s the BIG idea?
Overall, putting together an event of this nature shouldn’t be thought of as simply an excuse to throw an awesome party. Rather, it’s one of the best ways to market to your clients and prospects alike. Customers love to be appreciated and prospects love the opportunity to find out more without the pressure of committing to a one-on-one meeting.
Now that you are armed with tips for making this happen, we encourage you to think beyond the normal bounds of your marketing efforts and GET CREATIVE!

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