The Key to Happy Clients

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Alright, all you commitment-phobics out there calm down, we’re not about to have a DTR with you.
What we are going to do is stress the importance of building relationships with clients and prospects alike. Let’s break it down…

Why It’s Important to Foster Good Client Relationships

1.  Studies show that negative experiences are shared twice as often as positive ones.  Even though you may be disappointed when a client doesn’t shout from the rooftops how enjoyable it was to work with you, you’ll certainly be kicking yourself for not preventing a bad experience that led to your brand being tarnished around town by one seriously unhappy client.
2.  The more they know you, the more they trust you.  When clients are comfortable with you and they recognize the effort you have put into helping them develop the best solutions for their problem rather than treating them like a simpleton who shouldn’t contribute at all, they will trust you to get the job done.  This can be irritating, and maybe the client truly doesn’t know what strategies are best for their company when it comes to  advertising or branding, but don’t discount the fact that it is THEIR company and in many ways like their child, so if you treat them as though they know nothing about their business, they will micro-manage you every step of the way.
3.  They will recommend you.  Now thinking back on step one, we know that while the client is potentially less inclined to send out a mass e-mail or text about the positive experience they just had, that doesn’t mean they won’t tell others about you on a more one-to-one basis.  This means you will have quality referrals.

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