What Twitter Teaches Us

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{that we already knew, but are now forced to apply on a daily basis}
Even though the results released this week by Mashable show that an astounding 0% of Americans would be willing to pay for Twitter,
It has become an integral part of our daily routine, and thus important to know what effect it’s having on our lives [and our writing].
Here are 4 ways Twitter has altered the landscape for what’s worthy of being read [or not].
1. BeAttention-Grabbing
If you don’t have something enticing to start with, don’t bother writing at all.
2. Be Concise
Keeping it short and sweet still rings true with audiences.  No need to draw out a point that could have been made in 140 characters or less 😉
3. Be Interesting [re-tweet-able]
Aim for the honor of the RT.  When you pass on relevant/entertaining information to your “tweegion” they will react accordingly.
4. Be Responsive [not one-sided]
Don’t simply cast out your thoughts to the twitter world without ever replying to others’ comments, especially if they’re talking about your business.  Be sure that your main objective is having a conversation, not constant self-promotion.
Any lessons we failed to include?
What’s the best thing Twitter has taught you?

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