How to Grow Customer Relationships {By thinking about Starbucks}

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“Do you know how crazy busy Starbucks would be if they delivered? They’d be hounded with orders all day long!”
I was about to remark when I was compelled to write this post about it instead. Maybe it’s all this talk of their new logo or the fantastic caramel macchiato I had at lunch, but I’ve Starbucks on the brain.
This led me to thinking about their brand more.  And I had a double epiphany. (yes, in fact, it WAS even more exciting than the double rainbow).

  1. They have something we want.
  2. If it were even easier to get, we’d want it more.

Think about your business in these terms.  Whatever services you offer or products you sell, if you have a decent-size consumer base, then obviously you have found something the masses want.  Next question, how can you make it easier for them to get? Do you need to find a developer to work with you on rolling out a mobile app for your product/service?  Do you need to add e-commerce functionality to your site? Or add a “book/make appointment online” functionality?
Most likely there’s a way to make your audience more likely to have your brand in the forefront of their brain when making decisions; and that could be as simple as making the service/product more accessible.
The best way to find out this information? Talk to your customers.  Send them a survey, write a quick email, give them a phone call.  Doesn’t matter how, get their feedback and in exchange offer them a kickback on your product/services.  The result? Invaluable data on what your customers like/dislike and want to see more of.  This is data you can analyze and use to implement changes that will see stronger bonds between your brand and your customers.

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