Superbowl Commercial MVPs

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It’s time for the 2011 Superbowl Spot Superlatives!
We’ve awarded ads we enjoyed with titles we feel represent their unique-ness…

  1. The Least Nerdy Reference to Star Wars EVER Award:
    VW for “Young Darth”
  2. Best “We’ve Been There” Moment Award:
    Bridgestone  for “Reply All”
  3. Favorite Mash-up of 2011…[until Glee’s Thriller/Heads will Roll came on] Award:
    NFL for “Superbowl Celebration”
  4. Best Portrayal of “Hanger” [hunger meets anger] Award:
    Mars for “Snickers”
  5. Sing-a-Long We Wish We Were A Part Of:
    “Budweiser for “Wild West”
  6. Best Use of a Bug to Talk About a “Bug” Award:
    VW’s “Beetle”
  7. Most Powerful Cheese-Like Product Award:
    Doritos for “House Sitting”
  8. The Only Good Thing Kenny G Has Ever Released Award:
    Audi for “Release the Hounds”
  9. Striking Resemblance to Jenna Maroney’s Boyfriend Award:
    Living Social for “It’ll Change your life”
  10. The Most Layered Thought Since Inception Award:
    Car Max for “Kid in a Candy Store”
  11. The Chin Grab is The New “I Love You” Award:
    E-Trade for “Tailor”
  12. The First Time Anyone Could Understand What Ozzy Said Award:
    Best Buy for “Ozzy vs Bieber”

Any other favorite ads out there?

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