The Perfect Annual Report

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As a custom design firm, one of the services we provide is the creation and printing of Annual Reports.  An annual report helps shareholders understand how their investment is doing, can provide important information about changes in the company’s industry, and can be used to preview upcoming programs and new product releases.  An annual report is an important tool for any business or non-profit to utilize and explain events that happened in the previous year, and give a detailed review of the past year’s performance.
So what is the perfect annual report?  In a recent survey, 81% of respondents agreed that annual reports should be in a printed format as opposed to electronic delivery (i.e. E-mail.) Since these reports usually contain overwhelming amounts of financial data, attractive and eye catching design must be placed through out the report to help hold the interest of the reader. Using concise, clear data merged with “storytelling” images narrates the message an organization wants to convey to the broad audience these reports are usually delivered to.  Creating a balance between reporting the necessary information and attractive design is something we at The MOD Studio specialize in.
Overall, the purpose and presentation of the traditional annual report has evolved into what can be an overwhelming business document. When planning your business’s next report, consider using a professional company to create a well designed, streamlined report that will appeal to all your shareholders.
In Summary:

  • Print a High Quality Report
  • Simplify Data Reporting
  • Write for a Broad Audience
  • Use Eye-Appealing Images and Design
  • Hire The MOD Studio


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