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One of things I love most about marketing is participating in a trade show. It’s almost like a science fair for grown ups. The gym-like quality of a convention center, the sizing up of the competition, & the explaining of the products in great detail to each passer-by as you hope you’ll be picked above everyone else in your category to win –  winning being getting a new client of course – brings out a healthy competitive nature. What I really love is to see a very well done booth, like the one pictured above, which was across from The MOD Studio’s own fabulous booth at a recent show we attended. After seeing some of the less impressive presentations, I wanted to use this company as an example of:
 5 Tips for a Successful Trade Show Booth:
1.  Be Visually Stunning.  The JPM booth above really is eye catching. Color coordinated materials, tall presentation boards, the use of technology, and high quality printed signage and brochures show that this company is professional and committed to excellence! You can tell all that before you even approach to find out that JPM is a floor cleaning company.
2a.  Give them something to remember you.  There can be hundreds of booths at a trade show. So how can you be sure a potential client will remember you over your competition? The key here is to have an excellent take away piece that will tell your company’s story, but not be over whelming with information. No one wants to read a 30 page manifesto about what your company stands for, and no one wants to see something you printed off your ink jet printer that morning. Of course, what people really want is…
2b. SWAG! Candy, mints, water bottles, koozies, tote bags, coffee mugs, chip clips, stress balls, ANYTHING with your logo on it! People want stuff to take away! Just make sure as someone walks by to grab your give-a-way they earn it by listening to what it is you do and why they should choose your company above all others. Which leads us to..
3.  Talk to People!  A trade show is a great opportunity to talk to potential clients one on one! Take advantage of it. Tell everyone that will listen how you and your company can make their life better. Do not sit there and read a book, or play with your smartphone. Be approachable and remember to smile.
4. Get everyone’s information as well.  As someone approaches your booth, ask for their business card. Exchange information. Don’t just tell your story, ask for that person’s story as well. Why are they at the convention? What does their business do and how can you help them succeed? Network!
5. Man your booth and stay until the end.  Do not pack up early. Do not wander around and leave your spot unattended. That last person to come buy might just be your next million dollar contract.
Above all else have fun. Conventions and trade shows are a great place to network and  meet other people in the same business as you. Just make sure to pack a lunch, you never know who will take the last doughnut before you can get to the snack table!

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