TSIA World ENVISION 2023: Insights, Takeaways, & Client Awards

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Another year, another TSIA World ENVISION conference in Las Vegas —where some of the brightest minds in digital transformation gather to share their perspectives on unifying organizations, leveraging data, and unlocking annual recurring revenue. The theme this year was “Silo Busting to Drive Profits & Growth”—tailored to address the four major consequences of silos, present inspiration for improving the customer experience, and cutting operational costs by intelligently breaking down these targeted silos within organizations:

1. Departmental: silos in departments hinder efficiency by impeding the flow of information and collaboration between teams, resulting in redundant work and misaligned objectives.

2. Data: data management silos result in poor decision-making due to the presence of duplicate and inaccurate data, as well as fragmented analysis.

3. Technology: lack of cross-department processes, dashboards, and resource sharing results in duplicated efforts, inefficient resource allocation, and missed opportunities for cost optimization, impacting a company’s financial performance.

4. Culture: different and conflicting work styles, values, and goals resulting in delayed progress in meaningful transformation and low morale.

For those lucky enough to attend, the wealth of knowledge was invaluable. For those that weren’t, you’re in luck—because I jotted down some of my favorite insights and takeaways below!

Oh, and our client won a prestigious award for innovation in customer growth and renewal, which we’re thrilled about. Scroll down to check it out!

You Might Be Wondering: Who is TSIA?

TSIA (Technology & Services Industry Association) is the world’s leading research organization dedicated to helping technology companies achieve profitable growth and solve their top business challenges. Services, Sales, Customer Success, Product, and Channel organizations at technology companies large and small look to TSIA for world-class business frameworks, best practices based on real-world results, detailed performance benchmarking, and exceptional peer networking opportunities.

Lenovo Wins the 2023 Star Award for Innovations in Customer Growth & Renewal!

Congratulations to our client, Lenovo, for winning TSIA’s 2023 STAR Award for Innovation in Customer Growth and Renewal! It’s always been about partnership for us and building this one with Lenovo and Renewtrak has left us with nothing but gratitude.

“MODintelechy has helped Lenovo achieve innovation, operational excellence, and optimized customer experiences. It is a pleasure to work with such a talented and dedicated team. Thank you!”

– Hayden Mugford, APOS GTM and Strategy

With ~55 million client system serial numbers coming up for expiration in FY23, Lenovo invested in innovation by delivering a frictionless, automated, singular digital buying experience for Customers to renew or refresh their hardware within a single platform, dismantling the buying maze. This aligned business outcomes with the growing expectations of Customers and enabled Lenovo to be flexible, fast, and effective in how met them—while also introducing new revenue streams for Lenovo and our Channel Partners. This resulted in 200% YoY growth!

mazeTSIA STAR Awards

Check out a summary of our work on our website here! Also, grab the full PDF case study submission here from TSIA!

Silo Busting

During this conference, TSIA emphasized the incredible power of breaking down silos and embracing innovative strategies to unite even the most complex organizations. They stated that we were all taught to establish organizational silos as the go-to tactic for managing complex organizations, and largely autonomous silos were incentivized to run their businesses profitably. However, that approach led to massive duplication of costs and a truly disjointed and frustrating customer experience. The sessions linked below set up the problems and outline the conceptual underpinnings of new approaches to running complex organizations more profitably by organizing around the customer experience across departments, data, technology, and culture.

1. The Busting of Silos: Opening keynote emphasizing the incredible impact of breaking down silos and embracing innovative strategies to unite even the most complex organizations. Watch the presentation here!

2. Disrupt Thyself: Check out this panel of tech experts from HPE, NTT, and OneStream as they share their real-world success stories of how they dismantled barriers and ensured the right solutions reach customers precisely when they are needed.

3. C-Suite Insights on the Path to Profitable SaaS: TSIA was on a mission to gather as many insights as possible through surveys, polls, and C-suite interviews to answer how growth and profit can be synthesized, what the new normal for SaaS companies looks like, and common factors inhibiting overall profitability while dealing with current economic headwinds. Watch the presentation here!

4. Shaping a Culture that Drives Results: This was an amazing (and fun!) presentation given by Dr. Jessica Kriegel of Culture Partners—where she demystifies the “woo” of culture and demonstrates how to create an intentional, results-driven culture within organizations. Watch the presentation here!

There were other panels that I didn’t cover here, such as “Future-Forward Farming: Technology Services a Real Purpose” and “The Future of Work will be Powered by AI”, but these and the panels above can all be viewed here.

The More You Know

All in all, TSIA World brought an abundance of ideas to chew on. And in the spirit of removing friction from both organizational workflows and customer experiences, the future looks bright for companies that invest in digital transformation. Something that stuck out to me across all the thought leadership—every brand has different challenges, opportunities, and efficiencies to implement. Having the right minds to lead this change can be the difference between digital prosperity and organizational confusion. Need some help charting your path to value? Reach out to us today, we’d be happy to help.

Written by / Marketing, Sales Enablement, Strategy, Technology


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