You don’t have to be earth-shattering; The art of the blog.

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One of the biggest challenges bloggers face is often the stress of picking a topic to blog about.
Seems strange, given the reason you blog is because you have something to say.
But sometimes it’s easy to fall into the grips of anxiety, fretting over your post topics for days even weeks because what you have to say may not be BIG enough.

Well, we have the dirty little secret of the blogging world for you today…

What you say doesn’t always have to be the most amazing/shocking/incredible/inspirational thing that has ever been written.
In fact, there’s really only one requirement for blogging: Write what you know.
It’s that simple.
Most likely what you know is something someone else doesn’t.  Or they don’t have your unique perception on that particular idea/experience/event and therefore they don’t know what YOU know.
That means what you know is not only valuable, it can have a powerful impact on others.
Keep that in mind the next time you throw out ideas because they seem too obvious or too simple, we guarantee someone will find them useful.
**Disclaimer, we’re not responsible for really ridiculous posts you may write after reading this like how to stare at a pencil or how to cloud watch, or what you ate for breakfast and why.

Written by / Marketing, Technology


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