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QR Codes are “all the rage” right now.
You may have seen these more than 2 years ago if you were in Japan, as that’s when they first became widespread there.
Now, however the US has finally gotten the hint.  And these scan able digital codes are EVERYWHERE.  Well, all over the publishing world anyway.
But they’re slowly making their way into other venues.. and there are a few types you may have seen floating around out there,
Do these look familiar?

Ahhh yes, I always wondered what those meant!
So what is the point of these weird wannabe barcodes you ask?
They are called Quick Response (QR) codes and basically they are 2D digital codes that can be “scanned” by Smartphones to access specific content. This can be something as simple as a print ad that has a QR code linking to your website or it can take the viewer directly to special content like this ad from Jessica Simpson that directs you to her fashion line video…

Did you try any of these codes yet?  Download a reader and try them out!
Pretty cool, yeah?
There are definitely many unique ways to put these codes into action and we can’t wait to see them being applied!!
Check out awesome uses here: &

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