5 Apps for Sales & Marketing Professionals

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In Sales & Marketing, we all know that time and information are crucial components to our business. How fast can we can close a deal,  how quickly can we transfer information, or how much time can we save by using technology makes a huge difference in our productivity. Now, with the advent of tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices, a new world of “apps” has opened up to help make our life better. So which ones are right for you?  Here are a few samples of some of the best apps for sales and marketing professionals.
1.  Cardmunch. This business card scanner is practically mandatory for anyone dealing in large quantities of business cards. It’s free from LinkedIn and will automatically check to see if your scanned cards are available as contacts on LinkedIn.
2.  SalesVu.  This amazing little app and device turns your phone or tablet into a credit card reader. Why wait for a check in the mail when you can take a credit card payment right when you close the deal!
3.  Dropbox.  The best way to move files around from desktop to mobile and vice versa.
4. Salesforce.  Augment your Salesforce functionality so that you are not stuck with having to lug a laptop around or wait until you are at the office to update your sales and marketing database.
5. WordPress. Stuck at the airport, or your client meeting is running an hour behind? Make use of your free time and update your blog or website.
These 5 little apps are great ways to save time and increase productivity in your sales day. Or, when you are waiting for that latte, you could do some “networking” and log on words with friends.

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