Spring Beauty: Bluebonnets

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One of my favorite things about this time of year is the abundance of wildflowers in Texas. This year with all the spring rains we have had, the bluebonnets have been out of control gorgeous. Taking inspiration from nature is a great way to get any creative or design project started. Natural colors and combinations have influenced artists and designers for generations. Here are a few pictures from to give you a little spring – renewal push…

And if you have never read it, here is the bluebonnet legend I’ve always loved.

The Legend of the Bluebonnet
The Texas fields are covered
With a blanket of deep blue.
But for a little Indian girl,
This would not be true.
Texas land was buried and dry.
Rains just would not come.
Indians danced and prayed for rain,
And beat upon their drums.
The Chief made a proclamation.
He appealed to one and all.
A prized possession must be sacrificed
Before the rains would fall.
The Indian camp was silent,
While each person searched his heart.
But when it came to sacrifice,
With possessions they would not part.
Suddenly a little girl stepped forth,
Holding her blue-clad doll.
She placed it in the roaring fire
and raindrops began to fall.
The rain brought forth the grass,
Among its blades, flowers of blue.
To be a sign for all the time
Of a love so pure and true.
Author Unknown

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