5 Favorite Products at CES 2011

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1.  Kodak PlaySport Video Camera

The PlaySport offers surprisingly high quality for its price point just under $200.
The booth demo offered a snowboarder’s perspective in the miniature seen below:

Use the holster to strap the camera to your arm, leg, boot etc. to show off your skills on the slopes, waves or even your bike.
We like its durability, water resistance and high-quality video.
Basically, if you know your way around a video editing tool at all, the camera can provide you with some great footage:

2.  Karotz: Your Smart Rabbit

“Karotz is smart, charming and hard to live without” claims one Karotz owner.

What does it do?  There seemed to be some discrepancy about this at their booth, but the general consensus is that no one really CARES what this thing does because it’s so cute!
Seriously though, It’s the most random piece of technology you never knew you needed.  This little guy can do a range of things from reading you your email, facebook and twitter updates to updating you on the stock market, traffic and weather.  It can remind you of upcoming events, call other Karotz users (think skype style), act as a secret camera to monitor your home, email you when anyone comes into your house, and more.
Note: The one feature we’re not too fond of is Karotz’s ability to alert you of its moods, much too reminiscent of those incessantly chattering Furbie toys…

3.  Golla Bags

With the rise of portable electronics in all shapes and sizes, you may find yourself needing some better transport than tossing everything into a backpack.  That’s where Golla comes in.  With a range of covers and cases in various colors and patterns their product line is broad enough to suit any style and protect your gear.

4.  Blackberry Playbook

With everyone hopping on the tablet train, it doesn’t surprise us that Blackberry is showing off their newest model.
“The World’s First Professional Grade Tablet” lived up to the name in demos that proved its power.  The tablet held its own, continuing to run smoothly with numerous memory-draining applications running simultaneously.  We’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

5.  Edifier’s Luna5 encore series of speakers

Clean, minimal design in various colors that feel a little space-age? The perfect accessory for your Apple products that are equally so.

And if you have any doubt that Edifier + Apple are a great combo, take a look at their philosophy:
“Enhancing the audio sensory experience by means of adapting new audio technologies, new speaker materials, new components and software controls yet retaining ‘old school’ design fundamentals with the objective to conceive loudspeakers for the future that create an illusion of reality, found only in our imaginations of today.” –Edifier’s Director of Advanced Research & Engineering, Peter Duminy
{Simply vague? Yep, definitely reminiscent of an Apple product launch}

Hungry for more CES?  We’ll be sharing some of our favorite booths next!

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