WWDC 2013 Recap

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Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is underway and after live-streaming their keynote, we’re left with mixed emotions about all the new releases, overhauls and upgrades. There was a ton covered, so here’s a quick hit of all of the need to know announcements. Enjoy!
New OS X

  • Apple drops big cat theme and announced OS X Mavericks, which arrives this fall
  • Maps app upgraded and can now have searched routes ported directly from desktop to iOS devices
  • iBooks will be coming to Mac
  • Easier multi-screen support
  • Macs receive new “flat” design
  • iWork is now available in iCloud, which now puts it in direct competition with Google Docs
  • MOD pick for coolest new feature: Calendar will notify you when its time to leave for somewhere and knows your travel time depending on when and where you want to go!


  • New typography
  • All stock apps wiil be redesigned and receive new colors as well as new flat design
  • Control Settings relocated to front end
  • iTunes Radio will be feature free ad based version service that will sync across all your apple devices including


  • Totally new design that we think looks like a mix between a fancy water filter and Darth Vader’s helmet.
  • Features new thunderbolt port which will have a 1.25 gigabyte transfer rate
  • 4 USB 3 ports, 6 firewire

Check back for more updates as the conference continues!

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