2011 Holiday Face Off!

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Christmas came early to The MOD Studio last week when we held our office Holiday Celebration along with The Intelechy Group.  After months of planning (and having to keep a secret for so long), our fabulous owner Maria surprised us with a Private Cooking Competition at Whole Foods!
It was TEAM MOD vs. TEAM INTELECHY and the stakes were high! Whole Foods provided us with a fabulous Global Menu with dishes from Asia, Mexico, Italy, and The Caribbean! Team MOD took on Asia & Italy – preparing Shrimp Summer Rolls, Coconut Forbidden Rice Pudding, and two types of Bruschetta.  Team Intelechy’s challenge included Mexico & the Caribbean dishes of Chipolte Beef Kabobs with a cilantro dipping sauce, a Spicy Serrano Caesar Salad, Chicken Kebabs, and Chorizo Empanadas.
With recipes in hand, our challenge was to create the best dish possible. We were encouraged to alter the recipes if we wished, and would be judged on our cooking skills, flavors and presentation. The wine was flowing and the trash-talk bouncing around the kitchen along with the aromas of sauteed garlic, herbs, mushrooms and roasted meats. When the last dish was plated we all headed into the dining room for our feast and judging.
The food was delicious! Within minutes we all were ooh-ing and ahh-ing over each others’ creations. A table favorite was the off menu Mushroom Empanadas; one of our own creations & a collaboration between both teams.  We could tell it was a hard decision for our judges, but after much deliberation and compliments to both teams, The MOD Studio was declared the winner!
Thank you Maria Orozova and Scott Thomas for a delicious dinner and very Happy Holiday!

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