Belize Revisited

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Last week, we headed to Belize for our dear friend’s wedding, and you “Better Belize” we had an amazing time! We visited the jungle (Chan Chich), the beach (Hokpins), and finished off strong with Ambergris Caye. Here were some of the highlights:
1- Chan Chich Lodge – This was Belize’s premier jungle lodge and nature reserve. Ideal for eco-tourists, naturalists, birders and vacationers seeking a retreat. Which brings me to…
2 – Lounging in the jungle – Spent a day and a half reading “The Secret Life of Bees” (which I highly recommend).
3- Safari – We ventured out on a walking safari as well as a night drive, looking for a glimpse of a mountain lion or a jaguar, but with no luck!
4- Hopkins, Belize – this sleepy little village was the perfect place to hang out by the beach and drink straight out of a freshly chopped down coconut. How cool is that???
5- The Phoenix Resort at Ambergris Caye – this was an amazing resort and also the place our friends tied the knot. The views were to die for, no doubt the best hotel around.
6- Red Ginger Restaurant – The food here was delicious, no wonder we kept ordering room service every day!
7- Belikin Beer – The Belikin Brewing Company was born in Belize and the tagline says it all: “The Only Beer worth drinking”
8- Sunset Cruise – Best place to be when the sunset is gorgeous!

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