Preventing a #techfail

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Keep your family and friends technology fail-proof this holiday season; with gifts that truly will “keep on giving” year round.
1. the magic charger: save a lot of frustration digging around the house or office (or running to the store) for batteries with this guy.
2. conductive glove pins: when the cold weather strikes (yes, unfortunately, even in Austin), the gloves come out (the fabric kind, this is not a throwdown) and what happens to your wonderful, beautiful iphone (or other touchscreen smartphone, i’m not one to discriminate 😉 )? It becomes useless to you.  You can buy gloves with fingertips made specifically for remedying the situation, but who wants to be limited to this selection? Instead, attach some tech digits to your digits and huzzah! Wear the gloves you want to AND use your phone.
3. and finally, when you find yourself playing tech support for everyone’s gifts on Christmas morning (as I often do), this is a little something to help you vent that frustration on something other than said piece of technology (or person) and give you a smile again, Gama-go’s, ‘Karate Lettuce Chopper‘ (head of lettuce not included).

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