Winter Beer Days Are Here!

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With our powers combined, Ashley and I decided, what more appropriate post for us to do, than one on beer. We love it. And every winter season, there’s a range of tasty new brews to try. So why not stage a taste test for the best in seasonal beer? …And so we did! Enjoy 🙂
The contenders: Pyramid’s ‘Snow Cap,’ Harpoon Winter Warmer, Breckenridge’s ‘Vanilla Porter,’ Boulevard’s ‘Nutcracker Ale,’ Sierra Nevada’s ‘Celebration’ and New Belgium’s ‘Snow Day’
*Note: you may notice Shiner Cheer missing from the list, this is not a snub, we both love this brew, however, so does the rest of Austin, a bottle was nowhere to be found.
The criteria: We set out to discover the best beer had to offer us this winter season.  We judged the beers on the following criteria:
1. Aromatics (or… would I make a candle of this?)
2. Beer color, clarity, head
3. Initial taste
4. The finish taste
5. Christmas qualities (does it taste like Christmas in a glass?)
The tasting: With a little help from Maria, we organized a blind tasting. And if it’s any indication of the alcohol of choice at MOD, the only glassware we could scrounge up were wine glasses. We’re pretty sure this has no true affect on this competition, however, if you’d like to challenge us to a second tasting, we’d be more than happy to oblige 😉
After a few sniffs and swigs, we made our lists…
And picked a winner!
The winners:
Cheers to the crowd pleaser: New Belgium’s ‘Snow Day’ wins best all around…
And the most Christmas in a glass…Harpoon Winter Warmer!
Chime in on your favorites:
Want to call a recount? Have a favorite that wasn’t mentioned? Let us know! Drop us a line in the comments below or at [email protected]

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