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A day without music would be tragic. In the background while I work, in the car with friends, a morning jam sesh, a late night lullaby, music is there for almost every moment of my day. Because it’s so integral, I’m constantly on the hunt for music I haven’t discovered yet, whether new or old, I love finding new (to me) sound waves. So here are a few of my frequent stops for free, awesome music. #rockon
1. We are Hunted – visit the website and hit play. It’s that easy. From there it will scroll through dozens of new songs, and you’re welcome to skip at any time, note your favorites, leave comments and sometimes get a free download.
2. The Sixty One – labeled “a music adventure” this site will play you random tracks and you can provide your feedback to the artist directly. pretty cool.
3. This is My Jam – this is a new one for me, but I love it already. Pick your “jam” of the week, that song that just keeps spinning round your mind and share it. After a week, it will force you to pick a new “jam,” which is a great way for to indulge a track obsession and still move on at an appropriate pace. Plus you can get music recs from your friends!
4. Daytrotter – this is indie paradise. With live sessions from new or popular artists being posted daily, it’s always a treasure chest of stunning acoustic sets from your favorites and soon-to-be favorites.
5. Spotify – if you somehow still haven’t made your way onto Spotify, you need to sign up NOW. Basically it’s pandora but on demand. Pick nearly any song you want to hear, create playlists, share or collaborate on playlists, see a constant stream of your friends’ current plays, and now you can add-on dozens of apps (like this is my jam) to keep discovering more. Based on a “freemium” model, the intro plan gives you ads every few songs, the mid-level eliminates ads completely and the premium adds on access via the iPhone or Droid app + offline access to your playlists.

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