The Importance of Being a "Team Player"

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AIGA had a great post last week about the necessity of getting along with your team as an essential function of a good designer.
In fact, having been labeled as someone who CAN’T get along with others can throw your experience and career potential in the trash…

“When a person is vetted for a new position and a past problem in the workplace surfaces indicating the person was not a “team player,” the results can be irreparable, most often resulting in a failed opportunity. The phrase “team player” is ubiquitous in verbal and written job descriptions. It’s a quality that everyone seeks.

If this is so important, then how exactly does one show that they are one of the team?
1.  Effective communication within mixed groups: know how to collaborate with others who do not share your field of expertise
2.  Effective communication with those outside the creative realm
3.  Effective communication with clients
Do we see a pattern here?
That’s how you show you’re a team player.  If you have questions, ask them.  If you feel the team member you’re talking with doesn’t understand what you’re saying, try to explain a different way, or ask for help getting the point across.
Need some tips on “translating” to someone outside your field?
Check back next week for a little Communication 101

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