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The MOD squad is comprised of a team of creatives who are obsessed with crafting brand experiences that are equal parts user-centric and visually unforgettable. Unfortunately, no one is immune to the occasional creative slump, which is why everybody needs a few go-to tricks in their back pocket for when their creative well hath runneth dry. We picked a few of the brains behind MOD about what kindles their creativity – read up on their tips below!
 Maria Orozova: Travel Well & Travel Often
My favorite way to keep my creativity on point? Do a little globetrotting! Absorbing all that different cultures have to offer – art, fashion, food, customs, etc. – is what helps me stay on my toes and afloat on what is happening in different parts of the world. I can’t help but feel a surge of inspiration every time I return from a trip, ready to take on anything with a new perspective.


Bianca Krause: Flex Your Brain Muscles
For the past few weeks I’ve been using Apple’s 2014 App of the Year, Elevate, which helps build cognitive skills. Elevate might not seem like the most creatively–focused app, however, I’ve found that I’m most creative when I’m thinking on my toes. The app provides you with a series of exercises that test your memory, listening, writing and math skills. The focus on communication is what drives the creativity factor for me – it forces you to be more efficient in your rudimentary thinking. I don’t know about y’all, but the more I rely on technology, the more my memory suffers. Simple things like finding percentages of a number and remembering so-and-so’s name you met yesterday shouldn’t be an issue, however, these small things become more of a #struggle the more I rely on Google.


Gina Kirkwood: When You Don’t Have Time, Make Time
I’ve noticed my inspo draughts usually occur when I am in constant Go Mode; it’s easy to get wrapped up dominating my to-do list and forget to give the creative side of my brain some love. So, I’ve started scheduling 10 minutes each day day to treat myself to reading work by writers I really admire, ranging from sports journalists, to fashion and lifestyle bloggers, to my favorite comedians. Taking a break outside of my own mind and absorbing other writers’ work keeps me from getting too comfortable in my own style, and I’ve found that habitually doing this helps me generate ideas more quickly and easily when I’m in a pinch for inspiration, ultimately saving me time and resulting in a better final product. Win-win-win!
Malary Lee: Clear Mind, Open Road, Can’t Lose
Clearing my mind always helps me dig myself out of a creative rut, and nothing does that quite like hopping on my motorcycle and hitting the road. Riding allows me time to think that I wouldn’t normally have, and I also get to see a lot of interesting places where I get the opportunity to soak up the sights and culture. Stoked for 500+ miles of me time on my upcoming trek to New Orleans!
Orlando Villareal: Get Social
What usually keeps the creative part of my brain in tip-top shape is browsing Flipboard, a news platform that allows you to explore topics that are of interest to you, like technology, art, exercise, food, DIY and so on. (Think Twitter, but in the style of a magazine.) Going through the countless design posts, analyzing new websites and getting a glimpse of what people are building using code spurs new ideas that I could try myself.
Ellen Wilson: Find Some Pinspiration
I make a conscious effort to keep my Pinterest Inspiration board updated with new and fresh content and anything that catches my eye or shifts my perspective as often as I can. Whenever I’m feeling that my creative juices are running on E, I browse my Inspiration board – it always seems to bring back that initial creative spark I felt when I first stumbled upon it!

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