Revving up Your Marketing Automation Platform

Written by Scott Barrus / Data + Analytics, Marketing, Technology

So, your organization just bought that new, shiny marketing automation platform (MAP) and has tasked you to be its power user. What now? What if you don’t have experience in Marketing Automation? Where do you start? Fret not, there are blog posts about it for a reason. Follow these simple steps to make sure your…

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Sketching to Improve Your Daily Workflow

Written by Autumn Hutchins / Design, Strategy

If you’ve ever doodled on sticky notes or in the margins of your notebook, I want you to make your seemingly mindless doodling, do work. Sketching regularly helps you generate better ideas, communicate them more effectively, work faster, and even change the way you think. I became a visual thinker when working on illustration projects,…

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Spring (or Summer) Cleaning Your Marketing Automation System

Written by Jenni Waggoner / Data + Analytics

My Grammie always waited to start her spring cleaning until my summer break—which was a coincidence, I’m sure. Every summer cleaning was the same: empty, categorize, evaluate. Little did we both know, my Grammie’s annual ritual was equipping me with marketing automation system maintenance best practices. What can I say, the woman was ahead of…

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#Mood: Mood Boards as Design Tools

Written by MODintelechy / Design, Strategy

As designers, it can be difficult to put a particular emotion or idea into words when we think a particular shade of green or font family would do it justice. So, we make a mood board—a simple graphic tool which allows me to experiment with design elements and make my vision, reality. Simply put, mood…

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We could go on, or take a work break.


Be a Warrior Not a Worrier

Written by Kitty Reim / Studio Culture

We may liken ourselves to the Amazons of Themyscira but we don’t have indestructible bracelets or superhero stamina. We need efficiency breaks. Here are our Top 10 picks for combatting stress throughout the day—and yes, chocolate made the list. Jump Around Find your inner child and put your hands in the air. Then wave ‘em…

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Successful Hyperlocal Marketing Enabled With These 6 Strategies

Written by MODintelechy / Data + Analytics, Technology

Hyperlocal marketing is not new, but like most buzz words, the topic circulates amongst marketers every year. Hyperlocal marketing should be centered not just on the quality of the content but also the quality of the team collaboration to execute it.  Marketing itself started as a very local experience dating back to the earliest word-of-mouth…

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A Slow Website Can Reduce Traffic by 53%

Written by Brian Purkiss / Technology

Everyone who has browsed the internet has left a website because it loads slowly.  Even if continuing to dig through search results takes more cumulative time than simply waiting for the original site to load, users will still back out and find an alternative website rather than wait. A slow website will drastically cut its…

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Written by Maria Orozova / Marketing

Last month, I had the honor of speaking to the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) during their February professional development luncheon, where I delivered the presentation, #LoveisBlind. Appropriately titled (V’s Day is in February, get it?), my presentation centered around creating fan love for your brand via social media. We had a laugh or…

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Web Applications vs. Websites

Written by MODintelechy / Strategy, Technology

Wondering what differentiates a web application from a website, or stuck between which one is right for your business? Our knowledgeable Senior WordPress Developer shares her insights. As a web developer, I am asked a lot of questions from business owners who are thinking of adding a website to their marketing initiatives. One business owner…

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2016 By the Numbers

Written by MODintelechy / Studio Culture

2016 was an incredible year for all of us at MOD! Our team nearly doubled, our client list grew, and our puppy quota increased (what can we say, we love our furry interns)! Although 2016 may have been our best year yet, we are thrilled to see what 2017 has in store. Cheers to the…

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